Set Apart – The Short Film from NTS Radio Station

Set Apart

This short film with moody cinematography gives us an insight to the past, present and future of London’s musical outputs. There’s always something nice about seeing people care about the un-discovered artists and unique musicians that commercial bosses would not give the time of day.

Taken from when the station first went live in 2011, “Musically, radio was really repetitive; there wasn’t anything really new happening.” Femi Edmund Adeyemi, NTS. What has changed since this day in commercial radio circumstances, are we more sided with only those who make real money can truly be good at what they do? I’m still unsure. In the midst of sky high unemployment, budget cuts, rising rents and low morale, the music coming out of London has actually never been better, and there is a lot of unique acts striving for exposure.

NTS in this short film shows off the capability they have to drive a platform for these talents and include them with the freedom to be themselves, giving the DJ’s and show hosts the ability to play what they like too. A very different concept to what would be more of a houshold concept of radio i.e. BeatsOne and BBC Radio One etc.

There is an emotion in this video that amplifies the feelings you have towards music today, and the hunger to search for more of it. Maybe you should check out NTS Radio too. #NTS #SetApart



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