How we support you.

We aim to offer our resellers not just the BEST way to launch and manage their overhead audio service, but also the EASIEST.

That means making sure that our resellers become 'super-users' of all the Audencis afunctions available within Central Control, and providing support resources that can be offered to, or re-purposed for, the reseller's clients.

All resellers benefit from:-

  • Face to face or Skype-based training before launch to get you and your staff up to speed.
  • Key point-of-contact for all your support queries - email, phone, skype
  • Comprehensive online knowledge-base - tutorials, guides, videos, FAQs (coming soon)
  • You can offer your customers one of 3 options - 1) access to the Audencis knowledge base via a link on your site 2) a PDF of the pages from this knowledge base on your site 3) your own branded version of the Audencis knowledge base (you would need to adapt the Audencis pages which we supply as HTML)