No1 Played Track for December 2015

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What have you been listening to this December? It might have been a domination best mobile casinos for Justin Bieber and Adele in the mainstream charts this Christmas, so much so that even Xfactor winner Louisa Johnson doesn’t even get a look in. These Artists you have probably have heard of.. if not where have you been!? But of course we don’t intend to just catch you up on the latest Top 10 hits of the year, that’s someone else’s job.

Now to what we do best and support the ‘Unheard’ talent of the Music World, we would like to update you with what you have been listening to on our Licence Free Music Platform and what track has had the most rotation this Holiday season.

Set to continue as a top band on our Audencis Music Service, Vicious Vicious take the top spot with ‘Ho Baby’ famous for being featured on MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore.
Check out their video on Youtube.

Thanks for checking out the very best in Licence Free Music from Audencis. Happy New Year to all!

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