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It’s a great time to talk about business at Audencis. We’re just making great strides towards advancing our business proposition even further.

We’ve been working behind to scenes to build a key catalogue list called ‘Audencis Core Playlists.’
There has been an ongoing demand for us to promote and collate together key lists for our resellers so they can have an understanding of where our best music is situated. As part of our refreshing process, we have taken this up on ourselves to dig in to our catalogue and put together the very best playlists licence free music has ever had.

Our decision has been made up on the customer feedback that we have received……..

So, what’s really involved in selecting the most perfect tracks for business?

It’s important that we firstly think through a couple of questions, before we build each one.
How many do we have? What’s too many, what’s too less?
How do we consume it? Do some of our playlists need to have longer more indulgent tracks or quick hot pop?
Who might be the listener? What is there persona when in this environment?
Lyrical topics? Are we more interested in listening to love songs or edgy anarchy lyrics. – Do you know?

I don’t want to share all of our secret ingredients into how we are building our new core lists.
There is obviously a lot to think about.

Coming soon….

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