Hi Phil,

Thank you for taking the time to review our samples. Further to our meeting last week we have included 3 for you to consider. We hope you will be most satisfied with our suggestions but would very much welcome your feedback. Each Sample should last around 5 minutes and we have written descriptions – just incase our music doesn’t speak for itself.

If you haven’t seen our explainer video yet, i’ve included it here. Perhaps you might like a refresher?

We very much look forward to hearing from you.



The Mainstay of the proposed programming containing Easy Listening / Laid Back Pop with a little Bluesy Jazz, Acoustic Instrumental and Vocal.



Examples of Poppier / Contemporary tracks, more uptempo with a beat to illustrate what we might add into the ‘Core’ list if we wanted to target after school / Saturday crowd with a younger sound.



This is a selection of Relaxing Classical tracks which may work for some times in some stores and if so would be added in to the ‘Core’ list at appropriate times.

Please feel free to call or drop me a mail to discuss;


01256 8920 20

Write to me here if you like