Become an Audencis reseller and benefit from the very best in licence-free music content AND a complete white-label solution designed with resellers in mind. We don't sell direct to end-users, only through our growing international network of resellers.

Think of Audencis as the engine, powering your service with the very best music, programmed into business playlists, updated regularly, plus the tools you need to launch, deploy and manage a service under your brand.


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Can you get your clients interested in brilliant music programming that requires no outlay on performance licences? Or maybe a fully branded in-venue radio station, combining the perfect music with brand idents, news features and promotional messaging – again performance-licence-free?

Your Audencis powered service is a simple, compelling sales proposition and a great way to grow revenues and extend your service portfolio.

We charge our resellers a low flat monthly fee per site for access to music playlists and content management and delivery tools. Resellers decide what to charge allowing plenty of scope to make a healthy margin, especially when additional services are bundled in.

Everything you need to launch and manage your own overhead music and in-store radio service

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The role of music in most retail and hospitality businesses is not to be actively listened to or interacted with, but rather to create a mood and ambience that encourages customers to dwell longer and so spend more, or simply to enjoy spending time in the business. Our music does that brilliantly and so switching your client to Audencis licence-free music isn't just about saving money it's about giving them great music that does the required job perfectly and isn't the same old commercial pop tracks they already heard 10 times today! Listen to some samples on our music page.



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