If these are Unsigned Artists and not registered to PRO’s does that mean the music isn’t very good?

Of course not! The entire Audencis catalogue is exclusively PRO registered free and most of our Artists are in fact unsigned. We curate our library to ensure we only have the best sounding music. Make sure you give it a listen and hear for yourself.

Where can I find my authentication code?

Upon sign up we would have sent you an email with your authentication code, try searching in your inbox that we use to contact you. Each code is specific to each player that you hold under our service. If you are unsure or are unable to locate it. Just email us at support@audencis.com or use our contact form on this website.

Does signing up to Audencis mean that I am therefore exempt of paying licencing fees?

Yes, Audencis’s services do cover you from paying licencing fees to your local PRO. This is only inclusive of playing the music on premise. You are not able to use our tracks for any other commercial purposes i.e video or music production.

I can’t download any more music. It will only let me stream?

It’s very possible that the memory on your device is FULL. You will need to either purchase an external memory source or delete tracks that you are not using. If you’re on an Android tablet, download ES Explorer on the Play store, locate the Audencis folder on your device and delete the contents of your music assets. Please contact support@audencis or phone 0844 8010 710 for further assistance.

Where can I download the Central Control Software?

We will aim to always have the up-to-date version of the software on our website. You will need your log in details assigned to you before trying to start this, please contact us if you have not had these yet. Click Here for the link to Audencis Central Control

What does PRO mean?

Performing Rights Organisation (the PRS & PPL in the UK)

I’m worried that my staff will turn it off?

We accept that staff sometimes think they know what’s best for the shop environment and try to put their own music on in store. To combat staff being able to choose what music is played we offer a number of hardware solutions that are locked down without local control, so you can be assured that our music is playing.

Would I be able to use Audencis for my International Stores?

Yes. We have built Audencis to be globally sound, meaning that you are covered by our Music Licencing promise and our technology is crafted to support different time zones. We have a number or customers and resellers already using it.

How do I play Audencis Music?

We have lots of options for you, check out our “How it Works” page.

Will I recognise any of this music, what if I just want to play Rihanna?

The chances are, you will not heard of any of our music before, unless you have been shopping in our of our Audencis customer sites. We think this is a positive thing and it’s all about hearing something new right? Who wants to sound the same as everyone else?  Chances are you’re looking to do something different. Just think, is Rihanna’s values really suited to your brand? We can help you decide.

Why does PRS and PPL want my money and what do they do with it?

PRS and PPL collect money on behalf of the artists that are signed up with their services. If a song is played on an advert for example, the money will be collected by PRS and a margin of this will be given to the artist. They are an organisation that runs on doing the work for the artist and making sure that everyone is paid what is owed. A lot of the money collected will be paid to those who work in these organisations and not so much to the artists.

Why do I have to pay Licencing for music?

Music isn’t free and fuels 146,000 jobs in the UK. It’s a business and we have to pay for what we listen to. When you share music or play to another person you are then actually redistributing the musicians work and legally you have to pay.  This business generates huge amounts of money every year, as we all know… and if you don’t pay your licencing fee’s you will very likely fined, and out of pocket.

Can I use my Phone or Tablet to play Audencis Music?

Yes. We have developed an application that will download to any android device so you can play our music easily and freely. Audencis are currently not supporting Windows phone and Apple products.

How do I create a Flash Loader?


Without using your internet connection you can load your ‘assets’ music, messaging and schedules onto the MINIX through a Flash Loader (USB STICK OR SD CARD). You would only use a Flash Loader  to either set up the box ready to go or to update with new music and messaging, schedules.

(i) It’s important to know that every box should  have a Flash Loader to prepare as this updates the ROM and assigns the network settings to the box so will work in a customers environment.

Within a player window you will be presented with some sections / icons that will complete actions of the unit that you have selected. Clearly marked as a ‘ZIP Loader’ this should then present you with some options.

Select external Storage (Try to use a blank storage device, It will always land in the root)

  • Include Player Specific Settings
  • Include Music Content (a) Music Schedule and Tracks (b) Music Schedule Only
  • Include Message Content (a) Message Schedule and Messages (b) Message Schedule Only

These options are there to make the process more expedient if you’re not looking to run a full Flash Loader every time. For example if you were just updating the schedule as the times for the store have changed you would select the appropriate schedules only and run with these options selected. Where as just for set up you could just include player specific settings or none of the above for the ROM update.

There are 4 actions of the Flash Loader process;

  • Analyse the existing assets on your PC, check for ROM updates
  • Download any assets that you haven’t already got on your Hard Disk
  • Copy all necessary files onto the external storage
  • Report back what has been completed

If you are a frequent user of central control and create many Flash Loaders this process will be quicker for you because it’s likely that you will have most of the assets already downloaded to your Hard Disk. So the second stage will either be only for a small number of files or not at all.

(i) As this is a process that requires downloading / checking against the server. It is important to check there is a connection in Central Control. The best way to do this is to look at the logs at the bottom of the screen. If there are any errors, press the ‘reload’ button at the top right of CC and start a fresh.

When you have completed your flash loader, checked everything matches up on the report with what you expected, then you can load into the MINIX. The update.zip file causes the MINIX to restart and make the changes you have selected on the Flash Loader. Normally the MINIX reboots twice before the update is complete. Please remove Flash Loader after use, it’s not professional to have an external storage device sticking out from the box.

Are all Artists signed to PRO’s?

No. Some artists choose to not sign to a PRO, they therefore after their own distribution rights and are therefore responsible for collecting their own money, so basically they don’t pay a fee to PRO’s for collecting it on their behalf.

Setting up a MINIX for Audencis Services

When MINIX boxes arrive from the supplier or manufacturer they will already have a version of their OS and an image that is not customised for Audencis Services. Some resellers have made modifications to the MINIX boxes and have arranged this with thier supplier. One that we have recommended operationally is to disable the power button / power switch so whenever power is sourced, the box will always turn on. Rather than adding a second stage to powering on the device.

We provide flashing tools to enable the reseller to flash the devices to the Audencis custom IMAGE or FULL ROM. This process is pretty straight forward and for a tutorial, please watch this VIDEO

Once the flashing has been completed the box now has the full ROM and capable of being used for Audencis services.

Plug into your DHCP configured network so you can link the hardware to the Central Control software.
The ready flashed MINIX should now be reading out a code and ‘check sum’ this will repeat until the box has been linked. Some people may find it easier to plug a screen into the HDMI port on the MINIX and look on the screen at the ‘Hardware ID’ rather than listening to it.

In our ‘a guide to using central control’ (Currently under construction) you will can find out more how to use central control.
Create your player in the account required or create a new account if it’s a new customer.
Set up the schedules for your player, music, messaging or both and apply to the player. Do this for expiry settings, network settings, address fields too – The icons in the window.

(i) You will also be able to set the Service Start Data in the Subscription settings, please match this to the date of the install.

Link the player now, this can be done before you set up the schedules but it probably works better after.
You do this by finding the Hardware ID code in the list provided and entering in the check sum.

Finally – Check through that you are happy that the player and it’s settings are all correct.
Run the Flash Loader with or without the assets (See how to run a Flash Loader)
Insert this into the MINIX device, the box will speak out the progress of the file transfer.
Once complete if possible. Plug in a screen and check all the settings match up to what you applied.

Your box is now ready to go to a customer site