Choose from our expertly compiled playlists 

Audencis offers a wide range of standard playlists to make programming music for clients easy  - on desktop and Android players, end users can browse recommended playlists by business type, browse by genre and by atmosphere / mood.

Central Control tools allows Resellers (or dealers or end users if access has been delegated to them), to select the playlists that are right for the business and to schedule them.

Playlisting tools allow custom playlists to be created either by removing and adding tracks to Audencis playlists, or creating a new list from scratch.

Filtering allows you to create lists of tracks that meet the filter criteria you set e.g. you could filter by tags 'classical', 'instrumental', 'piano', mid-tempo to list only tracks meeting these criteria.

You can add these tracks to your custom playlist and then create a new filter to identify another track selection and so on.