Manage Client Accounts, Players & Content 

Central Control is the Audencis Content Management System from where Accounts, Players, and Music & Messaging content are managed. Central Control is an application that Audencis Resellers use to manage their overhead business.

Core functions include:-

  • Setting up customer Accounts and user permissions (if client access is required)
  • Creating and authenticating new Player subscriptions - effectively setting up specific sites within an account
  • Creating schedules comprising Audencis core Playlists and distributing to sites / groups of sites
  • Uploading, scheduling & distributing messages and "radio content" e.g. news, features, jingles, sonic branding
  • Creating user defined site groupings for targeted content distribution e.g. by Regions, by Size, by product offering etc 
  • Customizing / Editing core Playlists and creating bespoke / custom playlists from scratch

An important feature is the ability to delegate access and permissions to Central Control. So as illustrated in the graphic below, a Reseller can use Central Control to manage all aspects of one account, providing a completely outsourced service, while allowing another access to Central Control to manage aspects in-house if they prefer to.